Hi, I’m Jem!
User Experience Designer 🚀

I am a UX practitioner who builds insightful, creative, and usable digital experiences.
A journalist in a previous life, I came to digital after discovering its immersive and engaging capabilities across platforms, languages and devices.

Today, I combine both UX research and strategy techniques to deliver digital experiences that people love.

Design Thinking Meets Design Doing

Design Thinking plays a key role in my work since it puts me in my users’ shoes firmly and squarely. It has given me this renewed sense of what designers do and how design can be a force for good.

But I’ve also seen Design Thinking struggle to fulfill its promise. I remember introducing myself as a Design Thinking fan only to be told, “We need design doers, not design thinkers!” – people who will execute the design vision rather than create it.

I strive, then, to concretize Design Thinking into familiar outputs (like prototypes, moodboards, discovery workshops, etc.) so you know where we are in the design process and whether we’re making progress.
It’s how I ensure that Design Thinking meets Design Doing.

  • Design Thinking Stages Icons: Stage 1 - Empathize

  • Design Thinking Stages Icons: Stage 2 - Define

  • Design Thinking Stages Icons: Stage 3 - Ideate

  • Design Thinking Stages Icons: Stage 4 - Prototype

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Let’s build the possible together.

Can’t wait! 😍