Hi, I’m Jem!
User Experience Designer 🚀

I am a UX practitioner who builds insightful, creative, and usable digital experiences.
A journalist in a previous life, I came to digital after discovering its immersive and engaging capabilities across platforms, languages and devices.

Today, I combine both UX research and strategy techniques to deliver digital experiences that people love.

Design Thinking Meets Design Doing

Design Thinking plays a key role in my work since it puts me in my users’ shoes firmly. It has given me this renewed sense of what designers do and how design can be a force for good.

But I’ve also seen Design Thinking struggle to fulfill its promise. I remember introducing myself as a Design Thinking fan only to be told, “We need design doers, not design thinkers!” – people who execute the design vision rather than create it.

So how do I solve Design Thinking’s “abstract” problem?
  • I educate you about Design Thinking and how it solves your design challenge.
  • I concretize Design Thinking into outputs you can relate to (e.g. moodboards, prototypes, discovery workshops, etc.).
  • And I tie it back to your targets so you know we’re making an impact.
It’s how I ensure that Design Thinking meets Design Doing.

  • Design Thinking Stages Icons: Stage 1 - Empathize

  • Design Thinking Stages Icons: Stage 2 - Define

  • Design Thinking Stages Icons: Stage 3 - Ideate

  • Design Thinking Stages Icons: Stage 4 - Prototype

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Fun Fact: I can tell my whole career story with these logos. Go ahead and ask! 😉

Let’s build the possible together.

Can’t wait! 😍