Hi, I’m Jem!
User Experience Specialist

I am a UX practitioner who builds insightful, creative, and usable digital experiences.
A journalist in a previous life, I came to digital after discovering its immersive and engaging capabilities across platforms, languages and devices.

Today, I combine both UX research and strategy techniques to deliver digital experiences that people love.

How did it all begin?

My story begins in the Communication Department where I was training to become a journalist.

I was this wide-eyed teenager who wanted to become the next Anderson Cooper. I remember feeling awed at his approach towards questions, the politicians he was talking to, and how he extracted some tough answers to his tough questions. 

It was a shining example of what journalists do in a PR-sensitive world; and I said, “I’m gonna be like that!!!” if I become a journalist on TV.

But life had different plans for me. Soon, I was flying to this distant place, 18 hours from home, but known to be a land of great opportunity. 😍✈️🇨🇦

The Journalist Becomes a UX Specialist 

Change gripped my life quite hard. I wondered whether journalism was right for me and if it was really what I want. Luckily, I was able to transfer to the University of Toronto to do New Media Studies and Philosophy. 

As I progressed through my digital career, I would learn that life is all about solving problems. From my first job building wireframes and glitch-free pages for Owlkids.com to my consulting projects in UX and Product Design, this human-centered (and systems) mindset has shaped the way I work and the solutions I recommend. Sure, I know my UX 101 such as colour, layout, personas and stuff. But by itself, they do nothing.

This explains why I call myself a UX “specialist” than a UX “designer”. I want to be your guide throughout this messy (but exciting) process, figuring out what you truly need and why, and then laying the steps to solve it. This is the true meaning of “full-stack UX design” which takes a holistic approach to design and development (i.e. business + technology + people), rather than visuals and visuals alone. 

If this is the expertise that you want for your project or your organization, let’s chat.

Let’s build the possible together. 

About My Work

I’ve been very fortunate to work for clients and companies that have a service orientation.

Whether it is UX consulting or end-to-end UX/product design, these companies have gained from a thoughtful, deliberate approach towards UX research and design. Check out my portfolio for details about my work and me!

(Huge shoutout to my favourite charity, Canada Learning Code, for equipping Canadians with the digital skills to thrive in our world today! It’s always a pleasure to teach for you. ❤️💻🇨🇦)

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I also write about our designed world today!
Visit HeyDesignThinker.com for my latest on UX and Life.


So, what do people say about Jem? 🤔

Jem is a seasoned Product and Project Manager who specializes in user experience.
He is relentless when it comes to representing the voice of the user.
Whether it’s content auditing, site mapping, wireframing, or user testing,
Jem is on a mission to keep himself at the top of his game when it comes to User Experience.

Founder, Loopy Media, Inc.
Senior Partner, Analytical Engine Interactive, Inc.