The Design Discovery Jetpack

Jem Design Research, User Experience Design

What makes websites a strong channel for the company? Is it the visuals or what it does for its customers? As success is increasingly fought at the experience level, can design help you build websites that people truly value? And if so, how?

This presentation is about Design Discovery by way of User Experience (UX) research. It’s a set of methods you can mix and match to truly understand who you’re designing for, according to what the medium is and what your business and users need.

If you’ve ever wondered how to conduct good UX research or what’s going on in that designer’s mind (again), look no further.

This is the UX Research 101 presentation you’ve been waiting for. 😉

Getting Started with UX Research

Choosing and Presenting the Right Research Methods

“Sprint Zero”


Session Details

Presented at DrupalNorth Regional Summit (August 2018)