WordPress, UX Design, and You

Jem User Experience Design

User Experience (UX) design is such a hot industry today with no shortage of Medium articles telling you how to break into UX. There’s detailed talk about portfolios, which courses to take, and whether designers should learn how to code, among others.

What they seem to miss, though, is the ‘getting started’ part: How do you do a design project and ensure that it gets from discovery all the way to deployment? If design portfolios are about the projects that you’ve brought to life, then how do we do them and build them well?

Here’s that UX 101 session you’ve always been craving for. Let’s get started.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: The video skips the third UX plane (i.e. Structure)! Full slides are available on my SlideShare account. A more complete version of the talk is in the works, albeit in audio.)





Session Details

Presented WordCamp Toronto 2017 (Toronto, Canada)