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Hi, I’m Jem Rosario
User Experience Designer in 🇨🇦

Let me show you what thoughtful design can do for you so you can build digital experiences that people love.

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The Canadian Jewish News
Goes Responsive

For Canada’s largest Jewish newspaper, this was the moment they have been waiting for.
Here’s a story of how I helped make that happen.


“Louis’ Dream” Comes Alive
through Design Facilitation

How can international students feel more connected to their local community?
Here’s how I led a Global Service Jam team through this question and what came out of it.


Leading Loopy Logical’s

How do you teach computational thinking to a pre-school kid?
This “wonderfulogical” tablet game shows you how.


What skills do you bring to the table?

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    Design Discovery

    Great design is about possibility; of finding the possible with what you currently know.
    We’ll constantly ask the right questions until we find the right problem to solve.

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    UX Research and Strategy

    Design trends may come and go; but what remains is the user.
    UX research uncovers those insights so we can build digital experiences that people love.

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    Information Architecture

    Whether it is a content-driven website or a focused app or service, we’ll keep content findable so people can do the things that matter to them.

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    Content Strategy

    A solid content strategy builds confidence and trust.
    Make this yours with a strong, user-centric plan for your content.

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    Teaching and Training

    Products are only as successful as the people powering them.
    I’ll arm you with the skills to hit the ground running through workshops that inspire, instruct, and inform.

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Building Contextual Personas through Scenario Planning
FITC Web Unleashed
September 25-26, 2017
Toronto, ON, Canada
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