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From Closure to Comeback:
The Canadian Jewish News Website Redesign

Canada’s largest Jewish newspaper was staring closure. But a public outcry forced them to reconsider and fight for the paper’s survival in the digital age.

Here’s a story of the CJN’s digital transformation and how UX research and design kept them in business.

Building a Patient-Centric

How does Canada’s premier mental health and addiction centre get its content to those who urgently need it? Is it through more content? Or smart choices at the structure and surface layer?

Here’s how I helped the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health imagine a better through UX and Content Design.

The Designer Grows Up:
Leading Loopy Logical

It’s not everyday that the Designer becomes a Project Manager.
But when it happens, you got to be ready.

Here’s a story of how I helped Loopy Media, Inc. deliver version 1 of Loopy Logical, a computational thinking app for pre-school children, as a UX Project Manager.

Designing a Door-to-Door
Coffee Delivery Service

What happens when you’re brought in to help reimagine a coffee shop’s order fulfillment experience? Will traditional UX research methods help or do you have to go further?

Here’s a story how I used ethnographic research to design a door-to-door coffee delivery service and the prototype that came out of it.

“Alright. What skills do you bring to the table?”

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